Index of Lesbian Photos

Guide to Oral Sex for Men & Women 
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We show you the good, the bad, and the just plain ugly of lesbian photo shoots Why you ask? Well if we didn't show you an occasional bad shoot you wouldn't appreciate the great shoots we show you
1.  Two beautiful young women exploring each other in an Artistic Photo Shoot

2.  It's a beach and that's one of my favorite spots. pic074_small.jpg (3882 bytes)
3. This set features two Mexican girls that are not professionals 
4.  Lickin Lovers is the theme for this series of lesbian pictures
5.  Bold colors, bold women not being afraid to experience both sexes
6. A little dress up, a little makeup and a perfect set of tits
7. She can come to my place and lick my clit anytime

8. Two good looking lesbians and you have a half assed photo shoot
9. Once again real lesbian action doesn't always make for good photography
10. Latin American girls this series have something to offer
11. A pool is always a good place to lick a clit
12.  Its not often that you see self directed lesbian photo shoots
13Nurse Nancy checks Angela's  vital signs
14. Interracial Nude Wrestling in the back of a pickup truck

Babe of the Day from Bit of Fun

15. What happens when you have a hot tub full of women and no men? 
16.  Five girls and a great day at the beach Yy906314.jpg (72747 bytes)
17.  Jill and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water PB272308.jpg (90571 bytes)
18. A little bi-sexual piece of action with two glamour gals 0014.jpg (60589 bytes)
19. The girls are giving it the old college try unfortunately their thirty + 0016.jpg (45695 bytes)
20. A sensual photo series starting with a body rub  ga1_0017.jpg (46540 bytes)

21. There's nothing like a big double ended dildo to stretch the puss

ma_0137.jpg (52088 bytes)

22.  Don't you just love the smell of a pussy just after a long bath  


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